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Strategic Entanglements is the first novel in a series featuring a kick-butt heroine, Kendra Veiss.

The series is set in the gritty, dangerous world of espionage on an alternative Earth of the future called Terra.

For fans of spy intrigue, action-packed suspense, complex characters, forbidden attraction and inconvenient, deadly love triangles.

Cover of the book Strategic Entanglements by D.E. Knightley

On Terra, the empire of Basur calls the shots and everybody else gets into line. Almost everybody…

The Askar get into line for no-one. They don’t seem to know when they’re beaten. Ruthless, indomitable, they are capable of anything. Like kidnapping a DSS officer for interrogation from the streets of Basur’s own capital.

Kendra Veiss, the officer in question, should be dead. Instead, she walks out of an Askari black site without a scratch on her. That’s enough excitement for a while, even for a girl who works for the Basuri DSS — the most powerful intelligence organisation on Terra. But it proves only the beginning of a cat and mouse game between her and Aran Reiner.

Reiner, an Askari secret service agent, engineered her release. Now he’s hanging around her like a hungry stray. She’s indebted to him, but he’s bad, bad news. Untrustworthy, manipulative. Dangerous to herself and a crucial DSS asset she must protect at all costs. But his arresting looks pull her like a magnet, stopping her breath, making her ache to yield to temptation.

What does Reiner really want? And how far would he go to get it?

About me

I was the kid who made up stories, entertaining my school friends during lunch with new twists on the traditional fairy tales. I was in every school play, and wrote my first poem when I was nine. (It was about a bird. It rhymed and everything.) My teachers  all thought I would be a writer.

So, of course, I went on to do a Commerce-Law degree. Because everyone in my family is sensible...

For a long time, I loved solving people’s problems, carrying their burdens through some of the most trying times they were ever going to have in their lives. It was a fascinating insight into how people behave under stressful conditions, at their worst. It did not make me cynical, but it taught me some valuable lessons about human nature. Then it started to drain me, and eventually became unbearable. I left, and never looked back.

During my misspent youth in the legal sector, I continued to make up stories in my head, sometimes even writing snippets down for my friends to enjoy. Everyone wanted more, but I didn’t have time. (What I remember most about my legal career is the chronic and pervading sense that I never had time for anything.) Eventually, when things became really bad, I turned to writing actively as a means of relaxing and escaping reality. It was such an incredible pleasure that it finally hit me - this is what I should be doing!... Better late than never, right?

And this is how the Kendra Veiss series was born. I created a world in which I could explore and play with the things that I am passionately interested in, that absolutely fascinate me: people, relationships, politics, history. More about the series, and what inspired it, can be found on the Series page.

Now, I divide my time between writing and helping people resolve their differences before they start hating each other officially and in writing. And I love doing both – but not nearly as much as I love spending time with my family!

What I also love is hearing from my readers. Check out my Facebook page or go to contacts.

Also, check out my soundtrack for Strategic Entanglements here.

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